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I'm Antonia, I play Sims sometimes. Please check my WCIF and FAQ if you're looking for something, chances are the answer is in there :)

"So…did your piercings hurt?"

"Not really, I’m an adrenaline junkie at heart though. What about your tattoos?"

"I cried for hours."

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Anonymous asked: am I right in thinking that you're in a long distance relationship? I think I read it once? Sorry it's just that my girlfriend is moving away and we don't want to break up so I was wondering is it hard? How hard is it?

You are right, I am in a long distance relationship. I won’t sugarcoat it, it’s hard. In fact some days it’s so hard I don’t even want to get out of bed because it’s that hard and it hurts that much. But it’s worth it, he’s worth it. And if you feel that way about your girlfriend, like she is worth the constant pain of missing your best friend, the one person who makes you feel happy and safe, because you can’t imagine a life without her in it, then as hard as it may be you’ll make it work. Just remember to communicate, it’s important in every relationship, but even more so in LDRs.

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"I have to say, not many guys ask me to check them for fleas when we’re introduced for the first time…"

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"Thank God! This is the first time I’ve sat down in hours."

"I don’t remember asking for your life story, Benji."

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"So, how many dogs do you want?"

"I actually want three horses."

"You pronounced ‘dog’ wrong…"

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"When we’re married, I hope you realise I’m going to need a mansion with at least eight rooms dedicated to my stuffed toys and my stamp collection." 


"Shh, just smile for the camera, Benji." 

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Anonymous asked: um "check my wcif first please." what does wcif mean?

"Where can I find" :)

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Anonymous asked: I love the fact that you have a great sense of humor *v*

Thanks, it’s an out of control coping mechanism :) 

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Meet the girls: Contestant #13 - Tatum (by littlesimswonderland

"How are you today ?

Well yeah … I’m pretty good .. Nervous littlebit , because this is the first interview in my life you know .

Yeah I understand you so … Say something about yourself .

What I’m supposed to say ?

Anything you want .

Really ? Anything ?

Yes .

OMG !! OMG !! Ok I think that I pee littlebit in my pants right now .

Can you begin please ?

Ummm …. Yes … Yes … Calm down jeeez . Ok my name is Tatum Marley . I’m 21 years old … And I was born in Bridgeport … But I live now in sunny Isla Paradiso . 

What do you like to do ?

Well I like to go out … With my friends and family … I hope that they watch this interview . I send “hi” to Isla Paradiso . 

Please continue with your story .

Yeah !!!!! Ok !!!! I love shopping and these girl things .

Why did you join to Benji’s BC ?

Well because … He look very lovely and I like this type of men … You know . And my step-sister Hayley is also in one BC and she said to me that the challenges are hard and funny … So I thought “why not” …

Well ok … Is that all what you want to say ?

Yes … I’m so EXCITED … Agh I seriously can’t … Can I go on the wc ?

Yes you can !!!!”

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Meet the girls: Contestant #12 - Mia (by @camilainwonderland)

"The fist thing you should know about me is that I’ll try everything at least once. The second one is: yes, the hair color is natural. I get that question a lot. 

I am what many would call “a wild girl”… but what can I say? I am fun. I just hate when people try to boss me around.  I’ve had lots of boyfriends so far, but nothing too serious… I guess I’ve never had somebody rock my world for reals. It’s not a problem, though: I love being around people and hanging out.

Why I decided to enter this competition, you ask? Well, I didn’t. My father made me do it. He says I’m not getting any younger and he really hopes for some grandchildren soon. So what could I really do? I’ve decided to make the most of the situation. I’ll meet new people, try new things and maybe make out with a handsome dude. He might even be the one.”

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